Turning 65: Important Updates to Medicare Enrollment Process for MPSERS members

If you are already receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits or railroad retirement checks, you will be contacted a few months before you become eligible for Medicare.  If you are not already getting social security benefits, you should contact the Social Security Administration about three months before your 65th birthday to sign up for Medicare.  Their number is 800-772-1213.

Several months prior to your 65th birthday, Medicare will send you a red, white and blue Medicare card showing whether you have Part A, Part B or both. In order to receive coverage through MPSERS (Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System), you must have Part B. Keep your card in a safe place so you will have it when you need it.

Upon receipt of your Medicare card, you MUST contact the Office of Retirement Services at 1-800-381-5111 and provide them with your Medicare ID number. Failing to do this step could result in a gap or loss of coverage.  This allows Medicare and MPSERS to coordinate your benefits. When you turn 65, your coverage will be Medicare Plus Blue Group PPO. This a Medicare Advantage plan. You will also continue to receive your prescription drug benefit from MPSERS.

MARSP suggests that just before you turn age 65, you contact MPSERS and BCBSM to ensure that your enrollment in Medicare is complete.



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