Bills we are watching

At MARSP, we are dedicated to advocating for retired public school employees. 

In addition to monitoring the bills listed below, we are also monitoring the budget process of the pension and healthcare funding of Michigan retired school personnel.  As we continue to learn more about the legislative landscape in Michigan we will inform our members.  To ensure you are receiving timely updates from us please provide us with your email address by emailing

MARSP Legislative Status Report

2022-23 Legislative Session
Bill StatusBill
Bill Text &
House Bills
HB 5002MonitorJulie Rogers (D)Passed by House, referred to Senate Appropriations CommitteeMARSP is currently monitoring this bill and will take further action if necessary.Click here for current bill status
HB 5021SupportMatt Koleszar (D)Referred to Committee on EducationUnder HB 5021, the default retirement plan for newly hired employees will change from Defined Contribution to the hybrid Pension Plus plan.MARSP has submitted formal support of this bill and will continue to work with Rep. Koleszar.Click here for current bill status

Contact the Governor

Voluntary Benefit Defense Fund

VBDF contributions fight for benefits

The Voluntary Benefit Defense Fund (VBDF) is used to initiate and/or participate in legal battles that may be necessary to protect Michigan school retirees’ benefits over the next few years.

To date, the fund has been used to educate legislators regarding defined contribution and graded premium insurance subsidy legislation; to research and investigate defined contribution and other plans in other states; to purchase the software needed to provide an effective grassroots network; to provide written information to legislators; and other activities necessary to the protection of school retiree benefits.

Supplemental Insurance Survey

How satisfied are you with your MPSERS Vision, Hearing, and Dental Coverage?

As advocates for Michigan’s public school retirees, the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel (MARSP) is surveying members on their experience and satisfaction with vision, hearing, and dental insurance through MPSERS. 

Please take the next five minutes to complete the Supplemental Insurance SurveyWith this survey, MARSP aims to collect feedback that we can pass along to the Office of Retirement Service (ORS), the administrator of your insurance. In this survey, you’ll see questions like:

  • How satisfied are you with your vision coverage?
  • What kinds of features would you like to see added to your hearing plan?
  • How much would you be willing to pay for additional dental coverage?