Special Update: House & Senate Pass Bills to Roll Back Pension Tax!

Special Update: House & Senate Pass Bills to Roll Back Pension Tax!

Legislation addressing taxation of pensions moved swiftly through both the House and Senate in the third week of January 2023, with historic bills passing both chambers the evening of January 26.

House Bill 4001 passed 67-41, and would phase out over four years the 2011 tax increases on pension income enacted in 2011.  Senate Bill 1 passed 23-15 and would phase out the 2011 tax increases on pension income starting in the 2023 tax year.

Because of these differences, however, the House bill now goes to the Senate for consideration and the Senate bill goes to the House for consideration.

MARSP leaders were at the capitol to represent public school retirees impacted by the unforeseen 2011 tax increases. Since that time, the MARSP state office and members from across the state have worked diligently to educate and build relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle. We’re grateful to those who are taking action to ensure Michigan seniors receive what they’re owed so they can retire with dignity.

If your local legislator voted in favor of these changes, please take a moment to thank them for their vote.

How Did Your Legislators Vote?

SB 0001: 23-1
All 20 Democratic Senators voted in favor. Sen. John Damoose (R-Harbor Springs), Sen. Mark Huizenga (R-Walker) and Sen. Michael Webber(R-Rochester Hills) voted in favor.

HB 4001: 67-41
All 56 Democratic Representatives voted in favor. Rep. Brian BeGole (R-Perry), Rep. Bob Bezotte (R-Marion Township), Rep. Nancy DeBoer (R-Holland), Rep. Graham Filler (R-Duplain Township), Rep. Thomas Kuhn (R-Troy), Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Linden), Rep. Kathy Schmaltz (R-Jackson), Rep. Bill Schuette (R-Midland), Rep. Alicia St. Germaine (R-Harrison Township), Rep. Donni Steele (R-Orion Township) and Rep. Mark Tisdel (R-Rochester Hills) voted in favor.

Use the links below to find your legislators’ contact information:

Find My Senator
Find my Representative

We look forward to watching next week as legislators build on their momentum and negotiate a final product for the Governor to sign into law. MASRP will continue to keep you up to date as HB 4001 and SB 1 enter the next phase of the legislative process.



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