Join ORS online for the Fall 2020 Retiree Education Seminar

Every year, ORS works to create in-person presentations and member materials to educate you about the plan.  This year, however, in response to the pandemic, these educational materials they will be available exclusively online.  They remain committed to providing you with a high-quality healthcare plan that provides the services you need to live a longer, healthier life. 

Learn more about the 2021 Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System healthcare plan by following the steps below.


Join ORS online for the Fall 2020 Retiree Education Seminar

View the seminar content anytime from

October 13 through December 15, 2020

1.  Using your computer or tablet, navigate in your web browser to:

2.  While in the virtual lobby, view the Welcome Message and Site Navigation Tips videos to understand all that is available to you.

3.  Visit the Auditorium to view presentations by representatives of:

Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan

Delta Dental®



4.  Visit the Learning Center:

Use the Learning Center to download highlights of your coverage and helpful resources available from each insurance carrier.

If you cannot access plan information online and have questions about your coverage, our insurance carriers are available to assist you. You can find their phone numbers on the back of your membership ID cards.

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