Here’s how MARSP member are making a difference…

MARSP Members Make a Difference!

As we close another year, MARSP and the MARSP Foundation are reflecting on the generosity of members and supporters in 2023. Together, we made a difference in the lives of public school retirees, current employees, and students across Michigan. Here are a few examples to help illustrate what we mean…

Each year, the MARSP Foundation awards professional development scholarships to individuals from all corners of the school district ecosystem. Our 2023 recipients included a payroll specialist, a paraprofessional, a grants coordinator, and even a career golf instructor turned middle school science teacher. By investing in these individuals, we strengthen the public school and retirement system for all.

MARSP and the MARSP Foundation are committed to securing a dignified retirement for all public school employees. Through the Richard and Margaret Smith Fund, the Foundation again partnered with local chapters to support MARSP members facing financial hardship in 2023. Chapter presidents apply for grants of up to $500 on behalf of individual members to help cover basic living expenses. If you or a fellow member needs assistance, please contact your chapter president or the MARSP office. All inquiries are strictly confidential. MARSP and the MARSP Foundation are committed to securing a dignified retirement for all public school employees. Gifts to the Smith Fund ensure no member has to choose between paying for a prescription or paying a utility bill.

The Foundation and Association again partnered to fund classroom projects through DonorsChoose. This year, we funded 43 projects around Michigan, 35 of which took place in schools where over half the students are from low-income households. Projects included graphing calculators for ACT/SAT prep, set-building materials for a school theater program, and even a class chinchilla to boost morale and attentiveness among high schoolers. It’s our pleasure to support such personalized, profound, and tangible projects on behalf of Michigan educators and students. We can’t wait to see what projects teachers think up next. Support the DonorsChoose initiative by donating to the General Fund!

With a little, we can do a lot. Thank you for your support this year and the next!


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