Dedication to Information: Looking Back at Steve Gordon’s Presidency

Dedication to Information: Looking Back at Steve Gordon's Presidency

In 2002, Steven Gordon transitioned into a Human Resources and Finance position with Sault Area Public Schools. Early on in this role, he noticed a need for more information for school staff regarding retirement planning and benefits. He began searching for resources. While he didn’t find any through the state at the time, he did find MARSP’s Retirement Planning Services, which offers pension seminars for those in the Michigan State Employee’s Retirement System.

“I didn’t know much about MARSP,” said Steve, “In the beginning, I was just the guy that coordinated the retirement seminars. But I found that my values matched up with MARSP – like making sure that people are informed.” 

Royce Humm, MARSP Executive Director, and Steve Gordon, MARSP Past-president

Steve officially joined MARSP as a retiree in 2012, bringing his passion for accessible information to state and local leadership positions. This summer, we celebrate and thank him as he closes a two-year chapter as MARSP President.

Looking back, it seems Steve came into his tenure at just the right time. His leadership helped guide MARSP through the choppy, uncharted waters of a global pandemic, as well as major advocacy efforts to repeal the pension tax.

“To merely thank Steve for his service as MARSP President would be a true injustice,” said incoming MARSP President, Sue Jakubiak, “Steve led our association through an unprecedented time. His term was met with major decisions, such as when to return to in-person meetings post-COVID and the closing of our Jolly Road headquarters and relocation. Among MARSP’s successes during Steve’s term is the passing of Public Act 4, after over a decade of MARSP lobbying support, which will phase in state income tax relief on retiree pensions.”

Steve led with a collaborative mindset, emphasizing the role and responsibility of each member in achieving MARSP’s goals.

”Our retirement system is good, but MARSP can’t protect the system on its own,” Steve explained, “We need to keep everyone informed and working together to protect our pensions and benefits. That’s the nice thing about MARSP, too – it’s not just one group. It’s everyone. It considers the whole school family.”

For Steve’s friends and peers at MARSP, his presidency was also marked by his kindness and humor.

“Steve Gordon is a very down-to-earth kind of guy,” said Steve’s predecessor, Past-president Bob Kucera, “Always a smile, and always has a hand to help out where and whenever he can.”

“Steve’s term as president may be ending, but I look forward to his input and dry wit as he continues to serve as Past-president on the Executive Leadership Team!” said Sue Jakubiak.

So what’s next for Steve? As Sue mentioned, you’ll find him serving on the Executive Leadership Team as Past-president. He also serves as treasurer for his local chapter. On the personal side, he hopes to expand his garden.

Steve Gordon at his roadside produce stand in 2020

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