General Chapter Information

The Van Buren County Chapter of MARSP has approximately 250 members and is located in Southwest Michigan. There are usually about 25-35 members at each meeting.

We give three $1,000 through our Henderson/Sloan Scholarships per year to High School Seniors upon application from the following schools in our county: Bangor, Bloomingdale, Covert, Decatur, Gobles, Hartford , Lawrence, Lawton, Mattawan, Paw Paw and South Haven. We participate in other community activities: glasses for the Lions Club, Blue Star Mothers, local food banks and the
VanBuren County Backpack Project.

We have a guest speaker at each meeting. The topics vary but include senior issues, art or culture, health or insurance, legal or business politics or legislation, and education or schools. Speakers are entertaining and informative. Each meeting includes: meet and great time\luncheon\guest speaker\informational business meeting\ quick overview of the next meeting. We look forward to your joining us as a member or check us out as a one-time-guest.

Chapter Dues

One-year chapter membership = $10.00

Membership Form

Chapter Officers

Chapter President – Pamela Thomas

For a complete officer directory with contact information, please contact the MARSP office. 

Area Officers

Area Director – Charles Long

Geographic Area

Van Buren County includes the following towns (with schools): Bangor, Bloomingdale Consolidated, Covert, Decatur, Gobles, Hartford , Lawrence, Lawton, Mattawan, Paw Paw and South Haven. It is part of MARSP Area 22 in Southwestern Michigan (including Berrien, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph and Van Buren Counties)

Chapter Meeting Information

Meetings are held 11:30 – 2:00 (lunch is served at Noon) on the 3rd Tuesday of the months: April, May, June, July, August, and September. With few exceptions we meet at the Van Buren Conference Center: 490 South Paw Paw St., Lawrence, MI 49064 269-539-5210