General Chapter Information

Welcome to the Colorado Chapter of MARSP. We have about 300 Michigan retirees living in Colorado at any one time, with a current membership of about 95 active members.

Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail any of us on the Colorado Executive Committee if you have questions about anything to do with our organization!

Chapter Dues

One-year chapter membership = $10.00

Membership Form

Chapter Officers

Chapter President – Robert McCarrick

For a complete officer directory with contact information, please contact the MARSP office. 

Area Officers

Area Director – Robert McCarrick

Assistant Area Co-Director – Phyllis Burton-Jenkins

Assistant Area Co-Director – Phyllis Davis

Geographic Area

The Colorado Chapter covers the entire state and is parat of MARSP Area 31 in the Central Region.

Chapter Meeting Information

Meets twice yearly, in early October and in late April or May

Golden, Colorado