Checklist for retirement

Planning your retirement actually begins when you receive your very first paycheck.  Your retirement should be an ongoing process even after you retire.

Checklist For Retirement Planning:

First Years

  1. Start investing for retirement
  2. Get life insurance for self and family
  3. Invest in a home
  4. Start leisure time activities
  5. Collect vacation brochures
  6. Invest in a career wardrobe
  7. Enjoy your family and friends
  8. Adapt a healthful lifestyle
  9. Enroll and participate in professional organizations

Middle Years

  1. Check and update investments
  2. Update and check your travel plans
  3. Identify professional advisers such as: legal, financial, etc.
  4. Strengthen friend and family relationships
  5. Continue a healthy lifestyle
  6. Weed and organize your closets
  7. Maintain activity in professional organizations

Five Years Before and up to Retirement

  1. Check with MPSERS concerning your pension and insurance benefits
  2. Update life insurance needs
  3. Finalize your social security statement
  4. Evaluate your personal financial status
  5. Review retirement plans with professional advisers
  6. Discuss and explore with your spouse retirement living situations
  7. Include your spouse in your network of friends
  8. Continue to live a healthful lifestyle
  9. Curb major wardrobe purchases
  10. Enroll in MARSP and other retirement organizations