MRPS pension information

MARSP’s retirement planning experts present: the “MRPS Pension Seminar” with all the essential information needed to start thinking about retirement. This seminar is available to all public school and community college employees who are members of the MPSERS retirement plan.

Topics include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Purchasing Service Credit
  • Pension Options
  • Retirement Planning and how to maximize your pension
  • Rights as a Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) retiree and who is best to represent those rights
  • Any other questions about retirement

The seminar is guaranteed to be:

  • Informative for those who are ready to retire and those who may not be ready for retirement for a few years
  • Presented in a simple easy –to-understand language
  • Insightful and realistic about the challenges and rewards of retirement

Staff will:

  • Learn the steps they need to take to retire
  • Gather information on a wide variety of topics associated with retirement
  • Discover aspects of retirement they may have not considered

Pick the day, time and place and we will teach your staff the skills needed for a successful retirement.

For more information contact the MARSP Events Coordinator at (517) 337-1757 or toll free (888) 960-4022 or submit the form below.

Pension Seminar Request Form

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