Endowment Fund

The MARSP Foundation has established an Endowment Fund, which is a subsidiary of the MARSP Foundation, Inc.  This fund was established in 2002, with the intent of continuing the mission of the Foundation by creating a perpetual fund that will be used to benefit the MARSP organization and its members.  The contributions are invested in secured interest-bearing funds.  The principal funds grow with every contribution, and only the interest earned from the investments can be used to support the objectives of the Fund, the Foundation, and MARSP, as determined by the Endowment Fund Committee and the Foundation Board of Directors.  To help start the fund, the MARSP Foundation sold raffle tickets for 4 trips to various places.  The profit of $3,385 from the raffle was deposited into the Endowment Fund account.

The Endowment Fund holds bequests and monetary gifts made to it separately from the Foundation Fund depository, and is subject to an annual audit.  The Endowment Fund Committee is accountable to the MARSP Foundation Board of Directors and must report through the annual audit to the membership.

The Endowment Fund provides an opportunity to donate at any time, any amount, and as often as you desire. We would like to encourage your support throughout the year, as well on special occasions, through various ways:

  1. Honor friends, relatives, chapter officers, members, MARSP Board members and MARSP Staff.
  2. In Memory of loved ones, relatives, chapter officers, members, MARSP Board members and MARSP Staff.
  3. MARSP Foundation/Endowment Fund may receive a gift from your Estate and/or Trust.
  4. MARSP Endowment fund may be placed as a beneficiary in your will.

It is through participation that the MARSP Foundation Endowment Fund can provide the opportunities to support the objectives of the Foundation and Endowment Fund.

Why not plan now to make sure your Contribution, Trust, and Estate does not go entirely to the Internal Revenue Service?  To contribute to the Fund, send a check or money order payable to the MARSP Foundation Endowment Fund.  Payments can also be made by credit card. Please see the linked form.  Contributions to all of the MARSP Foundation funds may be tax-deductible for those who itemize.

MARSP Foundation Endowment Fund Committee

Don Bishop, Wayne Downriver Chapter, Chairman

Paul Lerg, Crawford-Oscoda Chapter, MARSP Treasurer

Les Nixon, Presque Isle County Chapter, MARSP Past-president

Marie Wilkerson, Osceola County Chapter, Foundation Chairman