Welcome MACUL Members

We are finding more and more actively working school personnel that are interested in joining our association. Because at some point you will retire and you’ll need to keep an eye on those plans throughout your career.  We are a nonpartisan organization that is focused on preserving and enhancing the pensions and health care benefits for retired public school employees. 

Actively working public school personnel are joining our association as Associate Members. This membership will give you access to resources and support regarding your pre-retirement planning and information about bills moving through the legislative process that may impact your retirement.

Your MARSP state membership gives you access to a wealth of resources, expert and knowledgeable advocates, member-only discounts, and a network of peers just like you.


Your MARSP membership includes access to resources that will help you along your retirement journey.


MARSP fights for you and fights to keep your benefits safe.


Your MARSP membership can make your purchases in retirement easier and more cost-effective.


Your MARSP membership comes with learning and training opportunities to help you understand and navigate retirement.


Being part of MARSP means being part of a community of retired school personnel who are here for each other.

The scholarship is available for all public school employees, no matter what their current position is, as long as they are furthering their education in an area that will be beneficial to working in the public school arena.  The scholarship grants are disbursed in July, and are usually for the fall semester for the year in which the scholarship is awarded.

Eligibility for scholarship:

  • Any current professional or support staff employee of a public school system which reports to MPSERS (Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System)
  • Educational endeavors available from:
    • Four-year degree granting program institution
    • Community college
    • Technical/vocational institution in Michigan
    • Seminars/workshops from Michigan professional organization

If you have questions and would like to know more about how MARSP can help you plan for retirement please let us know.

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