Detroit News’ pension editorial missed the mark

The Sept. 18 Detroit News editorial, “Teacher pensions still need reforming” included some untruths and misrepresentations that I’d like to clear up. The editorial discussed the financial condition of the pension plan but failed to mention that the hybrid plan for active employees, which The News … Read More ›

July Blog Update: Charter school series in Detroit Free Press

I followed the recent series on Michigan’s Charter Schools in the Detroit Free Press and thought their reporters did an exceptional job researching the issues, both positive and negative.  I was very impressed with the depth and balance presenting both sides of the issues. The charter system … Read More ›

June Blog Update: Election surprises and unintended consequences

Election surprises and unintended consequences Election season is upon us and this year could be a doozie. It will be interesting to see how the recent unexpected loss by incumbent Eric Cantor, the House of Representatives Republican majority leader and seven-term Congressman from Virginia, will … Read More ›

May Blog Update: Funding priority or political football?

Funding priority or political football? If education funding is truly one of the state’s most critical priorities, funding for it should keep up with inflation.  As I looked into the Senate Fiscal Agency records recently, I found that funding increased on average 1.47 percent per year for the 14 … Read More ›

February Blog Update: EAA expansion a concern

EAA expansion a concern As representatives in the state House consider an expansion to the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), we’re following the discussion with interest.  Right now the EAA affects only 15 schools in the Detroit area, but proposed legislation would allow as many as 50 schools … Read More ›

December Blog Update: Time to hold legislators accountable

It would be my guess that many citizens of Michigan have noticed how easily numerous changes have pushed their way through the Legislature over the last few years.  Quite a number of the changes have placed a large financial burden onto our public school retirees and seniors in general, while easing … Read More ›

October blog update: Keeping our eyes on Detroit

Medicaid expansion will benefit retirees It was a several months in the making, but the Legislature’s passage of the Medicaid expansion is welcome news for Michigan public school retirees.   Although we would have preferred that it take effect in January rather than April, we’re happy that more … Read More ›

July blog update: Leadership Seminars a success!

It was wonderful to see so many of you and hear firsthand about your commitment to MARSP during our June Leadership Seminars in Kalamazoo, Gaylord, Auburn Hills and Escanaba.  More than 250 chapter leaders and future leaders attended.  An excellent turnout!  Thanks to all who took the time to … Read More ›

Mark’s June Blog Update: Have spaghetti? Will travel.

Pension funding in the news Pension funding has been in the news lately and makes for some interesting reading.  Check out the Fox Business article, “Why pension funds are eating your 401 K lunch,” (  via @foxbusiness) which notes that pension funds are outperforming 401(k) plans year … Read More ›

May update: Seeking the lost art of compromise

Seeking the lost art of compromise Lawmakers finding common ground and reaching consensus on difficult issues has become so rare it makes the news when it does occur.  In recent years, as legislators grapple with controversial or challenging topics, the art of compromise seems to be practiced less … Read More ›

MARSP supports bill affecting retirees who substitute

I was invited to testify before the House Committee on Education on Sept. 12 on a bill that affects retired teachers who want to substitute teach or perform other work for a public school entity.  HB 5261was introduced by Sen. Holly Hughes (R-Montague) in January to allow retired teachers to work as … Read More ›

Welcome to MARSP’s new blog!

Executive Director, S Mark Guastella, will be using this blog to keep members updated on important MARSP happenings! Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks! … Read More ›

Mark’s February Update

Legislative Reception well attended by guests and members As we greeted our Michigan legislators this week on a chilly and somewhat snowy early morning for our annual MARSP Legislative Reception, we were pleased with not only the great turnout by senators and representatives, but also the strong … Read More ›