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Congratulations on joining the largest retiree organization in Michigan. 

You are now one of over 40,000 public school retirees who have pledged to help MARSP protect your future!

The following information will help you get the most value out of your membership.

First things first… you will need to login to view members’ only content, as well as the “My Account” feature.

Once you are logged in, you may navigate anywhere on the website. The MARSP Member Center is a good first stop to start learning about MARSP.

In addition, here are other specific areas of the website you might find helpful:

The VANGUARD newsletter is published on a quarterly basis.  Also, members of MARSP may run classified ads in the newsletter for as little as $20/issue.  Contact the MARSP office for more information.

Volunteering in retirement can be an important part of staying healthy and continuing the pursuit of lifelong learning. MARSP has many volunteer opportunities for members in both in the local chapter and also at the state level.

Other important links

Here are several other links to areas of our website that will be very useful to you as a new member of MARSP:

The Whole Retirement Story

Legislative Information

Healthcare Information

MARSP Events

MPSERS Health Care

Blue Care Network

Blue Care Network (BCN) is an HMO option offered by MPSERS.  Blue Care Network is available in select counties throughout Michigan.  You should contact the BCN directly to receive the most current coverage area listing.

Non-Medicare members

Medicare members

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is the dental care provider for MPSERS retirees. View plan information


EyeMed is the vision plan provider for MPSERS retirees.  Click here to learn more about your plan.

Optum Rx (formerly Catamaran Rx)

Optum Rx (formerly Catamaran Rx) is the pharmacy benefit manager for MPSERS retirees. Visit the Optum Rx website for MPSERS retirees.

Priority Health

Priority Health (PH) is an HMO option offered by MPSERS. Priority Health is available in select counties throughout Michigan. You should contact PH directly to receive the most current coverage area listing.

Non-Medicare members

Medicare members


TruHearing is the exclusive hearing network for members on the Blue Cross PPO plans (both Medicare and non-Medicare). Routine hearing services and hearing aids will be covered only when you call TruHearing™ at 1-855-205-6305 and follow the directions you’re given. For information about your hearing benefit coverage, appointments or support issues, call TruHearing ™ at 1-855-205-6305 from 8a.m. to 8 p.m.

A summary of benefits can be found below:

Hearing exam: $45 copay (not included in the medical OOP max.)

Hearing Aids (copays for aids not included in medical OOP max.):

  • $499 copay per aid for advanced
  • $799 copay per aid for premium

Initial hearing exam & aids for both ears covered once every 36 months, exclusively through TruHearing providers.

Additional Health Care Resources

NRTA Educator’s Community

NRTA: AARP’s Educator Community is America’s foremost network of 50+ adults and organizations with a passion and affinity for education and learning. Members of NRTA are dedicated to continuous educational opportunity, advocacy, and service as a means of safeguarding the economic security, work opportunities, and future well-being of all generations.

MARSP is the state organization representing the National Retired Teacher’s Association.

Volunteer Opportunities

MARSP relies on the time and talents of several hundred volunteers to make MARSP the successful organization it is to fight for your pension and benefits.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Stay mentally and physically active
  • Enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase life-long learning

Volunteer positions


Originally founded to address the supplemental insurance needs of retired teachers, AMBA is a nationwide full-service agency that assists associations in obtaining high-quality benefits for their members. Many AMBA benefits are designed to bring additional value to your existing health insurance. They will not interfere with your existing health plans. Along with additional health insurance benefits, AMBA provides life insurance, investment products, technology and retail discounts, and travel discounts. 

AMBA works with 63 active and retired public sector employee associations, including 33 retired educator/school employee organizations. MARSP partnered with AMBA in 2017 to reach new members and enhance benefits for existing members.

How can AMBA enhance your benefits?

  • Extended Care
    70% of people over the age of 65 will need extended care. Extended care is provided at home, a nursing home, or assisted living facility. This care may become necessary due to cancer diagnosis, heart issues, stroke, extended illnesses, disability, or cognitive impairments. This plan is offered through Aetna, and benefits pay up to $300 per day for nursing home or assisted living and up to $1200 per week for home health care.
  • Medical Air Services Association
    Medical Air Services Association (MASA) is an additional benefit to your health coverage, not an insurance product, and everyone is eligible. This coverage will not disqualify you from your current coverage through your MPSERS benefits. All of your out-of-pocket expenses are covered regardless of what your health insurance pays. Many think that this plan only applies to travel, but there are no restrictions to coverage. You can benefit from this coverage even if you are at home and need medical transportation. Ambulance services may be considered out of network on some insurance plans, and AMBA’s MASA plan helps supplement that cost.
  • Life Insurance
    MARSP members can purchase whole life and guaranteed life insurance through Mutual of Omaha in addition to Children’s Whole Life from Mutual of Omaha.
  • Fixed Indexed Annuity
    MARSP members can purchase Fixed Indexed Annuities through Ameritas. A Fixed Indexed Annuities plan provides lifetime income and safety, allows access to competitive returns, and helps to protect assets from market risk.
  • Discounts
    Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) is now offering member-only discounts to MARSP members. Enjoy savings with Apple, Dell, hotels, rental cars, and thousands of online discounts! Access to these valuable discounts is included with your MARSP membership. Current MARSP members may click here for the instructions to access discounts immediately.

MARSP Leadership Center

The MARSP Leadership Center is the resource hub for MARSP state and chapter leaders. Here, you’ll find various forms, supplies, and training materials. Click here to visit the MARSP Leadership Center.