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Congratulations on joining the largest retiree organization in Michigan. 

You are now one of over 40,000 public school retirees who have pledged to help MARSP protect your future!

The following information will help you get the most value out of your membership.

First things first… you will need to login to view members’ only content, as well as the “My Account” feature.

Once you are logged in, you may navigate anywhere on the website. The MARSP Member Center is a good first stop to start learning about MARSP.

In addition, here are other specific areas of the website you might find helpful:

The VANGUARD newsletter is published on a quarterly basis.  Also, members of MARSP may run classified ads in the newsletter for as little as $20/issue.  Contact the MARSP office for more information.

MARSP has local chapters in nearly every Michigan county, as well as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

Volunteering in retirement can be an important part of staying healthy and continuing the pursuit of lifelong learning. MARSP has many volunteer opportunities for members in both in the local chapter and also at the state level.

Other important links

Here are several other links to areas of our website that will be very useful to you as a new member of MARSP:

The Whole Retirement Story

Legislative Information

Healthcare Information

MARSP Events

NRTA Educator’s Community

NRTA: AARP’s Educator Community is America’s foremost network of 50+ adults and organizations with a passion and affinity for education and learning. Members of NRTA are dedicated to continuous educational opportunity, advocacy, and service as a means of safeguarding the economic security, work opportunities, and future well-being of all generations.

MARSP is the state organization representing the National Retired Teacher’s Association.

Volunteer Opportunities

MARSP relies on the time and talents of several hundred volunteers to make MARSP the successful organization it is to fight for your pension and benefits.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Stay mentally and physically active
  • Enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase life-long learning

Volunteer positions


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